Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Am My Own Geek Squad


We had some pretty impressive thunderstorms early this morning here on Cape Cod, along with some much needed soaking rains. Because it was so dark I slept in, well for me I slept in - 7:30 isn't exactly the crack of noon.

Tuesday is my Skype day with my daughter in Korea so I got myself into the shower, fed my meowing cats and sat down to sign on and wait to talk with Emma. Only one problem, no Internet connection. I rebooted, I plugged and unplugged my Linksys and modem under my desk, still no connection. At this point I picked up my phone - just as I thought, no dial tone. A curious situation because I'd just been watching Matt Lauer.

After making it through the maze of voicemail at Comcast I finally got Chuck. Chuck I realized thought I had mad tech skills because he was instructing me to do things in my creepy basement with the main modem that I didn't have a clue how to do. And, did I mention my basement seems creepy and I don't like my basement, or any basement?

Since my land line wasn't working and I was on my cell, I immediately lost my lifeline, Chuck, as I descended into the bowels of my home. I was equipped with the requested paperclip and flashlight and could not figure out what the hell he'd told me to do. I sill don't get how in 2010 a paperclip counts as a high-tech tool.

I called my friend Mary Lou who's much more tech-savvy than me. I'm betting a tree stump is more tech savvy than me. She told me what to look for and with the clock ticking on my Skype date I once again went into the cobwebby cellar. I unplugged and replugged, and stuck the end of a paperclip in a tiny hole. And then I ran the hell up the stairs.

I picked up my phone - a dial tone! I had done it! I ran up, signed on to Skype, and proceeded to check my e-mail. At the top of the inbox, an e-mail from Emma. "Sorry, can't Skype today, how about Thursday?"

Well, the morning wasn't a total waste, now I know how to fix a modem with a paperclip. Call me anytime, I am now officially Geek Girl.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Eat Pray Love" - Take From the Menu What You Like and Leave the Rest

All right, I will confess I did not make it through the book version of "Eat Pray Love." I wasn't crazy about Elizabeth Gilbert's voice, and found her a bit cool and unfriendly.

That said, I do believe in the message and overall goal of being true to yourself and seeking happiness.

Yes, the character of Liz Gilbert (and the real life one) was suffering from first world problems. She wasn't being abused, wasn't hungry or in danger, but she felt unsatisfied with her life. I daresay most of us have felt that way at one point or another. Hell, I feel it on a regular basis.

I don't happen to believe that looking for ways to be happier or more complete in your life makes you spoiled, selfish or in any other way defective. I think it makes you alive, clever and aware.

Many reviews have been, well, harsh to say the least, implying it is self-indulgent and who is this woman to complain about her life anyway?

In our rush to judge we seem to believe that unless you're in danger of losing life or limb who are you to complain? I believe we are put here to be happy. Not every minute of course, but to overall have a happy life. And I believe you need to do what you need to do (save destroying others' lives) to make that happen.

Most of us can't or won't take a year to travel, eat, meditate and reflect, but we can, in our own small, personal ways find our own path to happiness.

And what that ends up looking like is completely up to you.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just Because I'm Not 25, Don't Label Me!

There was an article in the New York Times today about the trials of being a "formerly," a new word for a woman who was once hot, but because age has ravaged her so, apparently, can no longer be labeled as such.

I have sat by while my contemporaries have been called MILFs and cougars, well, I haven't always been silent, but I have let it float by. But today when I read about yet another new label, I thought enough already!
There is a tendency in most of us to want to label which I get. But I've reached a saturation point with how single women are regarded, and I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!
Just because you are no longer twenty-something doesn't mean you aren't beautiful or sexy. I actually like to think that older women are more comfortable in their own skin ergo, are sexier and better partners.
I am not the same woman I was at 25, thank God! I have clarity, a perspective and confidence I didn't have back then. My butt may not be what it used to be, and my stomach, having expanded to grow two big-headed boys doesn't lie quite as flat, but I think I'm still pretty damn good.
I am not formerly anything. I am presently happy, confident, attractive and yes, at times, sexy. I never want to look back and think those were the good old days, these are the best days, and I intend to completely enjoy them, stretch marks and all.